Why Model Shape?

Every agent and manager strives for a roster of working and sought-after models. But as representatives know all too well, models that otherwise have the aesthetics and potential for incredible opportunities will often be hindered by body measurements that do not meet industry standards. The fashion world demands precision, and that extra inch around the waist can make a coveted booking unattainable.

The challenge of losing that extra inch or gaining that last bit of muscle is vastly complicated by the numerous amounts of misinformation on the Internet or other sources. Jake eliminates all fitness and nutritional guesswork for your clients. The result is a model who is now body-ready for the specific needs of a job.

Models on your roster may fall into varying categories. No matter your model’s measurement or shape goals, Jake will create a program that works around your client’s lifestyle, location, work or school schedule.

Jake gives your clients the competitive edge they need to become elite models working on the most coveted jobs. The result for you is a roster of clients who have not only met the physical demands of the industry, but have cemented the healthy goals and habits necessary for a long and lucrative career.