Calling All Models

The modeling industry today is a diverse palette of shapes, sizes, and aesthetics. Model Shape recognizes each models unique needs and is a program unlike any other, working not only with female models but with the many male models who make up the industry.

Women's Division

Model Shape specializes in all the many shapes and categories that fall under the Women’s Division. In an industry in which the most coveted jobs can come down to a single inch, models require training and nutrition regimens that differ from the norm in their need for precise, region-specific body changes within strict timelines. Due to his close relationships with agencies and managers, Jake is always up to date on the ever evolving standards of the industry and teaches models how to attain them in a safe, healthy, and time-sensitive manner.

Women Division.
Men Professional Model

Men's Division

The most common problem for male models looking to gain a fuller, more defined look is the endless fitness and nutritional misinformation on the Internet, which leads many to gain additional fat alongside their muscle or gain no muscle at all. Gaining muscle while maintaining a lean shape requires a precise knowledge in science, training, and nutrition, all of which are part of the daily work offered by Jake’s program.