Most models will reach their desired results well before the 90 days. The remainder of the time will be dedicated to the maintenance phase of the program. In this phase, models will learn the techniques required to keep their results well beyond the end of the 90 day program.

While you can apply to the program on your own, the majority of intakes are referrals from agencies and managers.

An in-depth assessment is conducted at the start to make sure the program suits you. Candidates who we feel cannot reach their goals safely within 90 days will be referred instead to our partner program, Body Upgrade, to get you closer to your goals, after which you may reapply

Once accepted into the program, you will begin working directly with Jake Davis, Model Shape’s cofounder.You’ll receive personalized training plans as well as daily nutritional coaching customized to meet your specific needs.Through weekly phone or video calls and daily messaging, Jake will set new goals, answer all questions, and help you implement the healthy habits needed to tackle the mental and emotional barriers to getting in “Model Shape.”

What Model Shape Offers

Daily 1-On-1 Messaging with Jake

Daily Nutritional Coaching

Weekly Phone Or Video Check-Ins with Jake

Weekly Body Measurement Progress Reports

Ever-Adapting Workouts for Home, Gym, or Travel

All At Your Fingertips Through Our Members-Only App