Jake Davis

Born in Birmingham, England, Jake struggled with weight issues as a child and by 18 years old was overweight and extremely unhealthy due to a lifestyle of overeating, overdrinking, and smoking. He tried a variety of diets, many of which at best failed and at worst led to even greater weight gain. He convinced himself that the answer was to run more, eat less, and simply have “more willpower”. Everything changed when Jake met mentor and renowned UK-based trainer Matt Kendrick, who finally helped Jake understand the joy of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and instilled in him a newfound goal in life- to offer the same gift of health and body-acceptance that he finally received from his mentor. Ready to make a mark on the fitness world, Jake moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and received multiple credentials in anatomy, training and nutrition from training academies NPTI, NASM, and Show Up Fitness Academy. His constant standings as top of class led to a quick rise within the industry. Soon, work with celebrities, athletes, dancers, and anyone else seeking to get fit followed. But Jake wanted to reach an even broader group of people. In 2016, he founded BodyUpgrade.com, an online training company geared to help people all over the world lose weight and dispel the various fitness myths, misinformation, and lies that make losing weight so difficult. Jake was able to reach people who desperately needed help but who otherwise would not have access to a trainer of his experience. BodyUpgrade became a global company, employing multiple trainers who work with clients all over the world. Jake embarked on a new chapter in his career after a chance (and fortuitous) meeting with Laura Wasilenkoff, who saw a need within the fashion industry for a safe and effective way to help models reach their target measurements and goals. Jake understood the emotional delicacies of training clients in the entertainment world. He also understood the expertise required to deliver precise and region-specific body moldings, which were often sought by his athlete and dancer clients.

In 2018, the two founded ModelShape. With their combined expertise in the fashion and fitness worlds, they created an app-based fitness concept unlike anything seen before. Laura knows the strict demands put on models in the fashion industry, and Jake helps models meet those demands no matter where on the globe their exciting careers take them.