Laura Wasilenkoff

Laura’s career began in the world of finance. After more than a decade of success, Laura became the CEO of a publicly traded financial company and was soon after approached to become CEO of League Models, a Vancouver-based modeling agency. Laura was to direct League as it embarked on a new growth initiative- to become an affiliate of Wilhelmina Models and open a Canadian Division of the world-renowned agency.

With her new job as CEO, Laura immersed herself in the world of fashion, but saw that there were even larger opportunities within the modeling industry in the US. She therefore relocated herself and her family to Los Angeles, where she opened the first US office of League Models USA in 2016.

League models proved its place in the industry, growing steadily year after year. Unlike some of the larger agencies, League provided a more nurturing, hands-on environment for models to develop their flourishing careers. But over the years of closely developing her young clients for the world of high fashion, Laura began to realize that one of the biggest challenges these young models faced was maintaining the strict body measurements demanded of them by the fashion industry. Young models were developing as they grew, and even with a significant emphasis on fitness and nutrition, some models just could not keep the measurements they needed to reach the upper echelon of the industry.

Not every exercise program was the right fit for each model, and finding a program that delivered the kind of slight but precise body modifications needed for a model to meet market demand sometimes seemed like a hopeless search. It was a fortuitous meeting of minds, then, when Laura met trainer Jake Davis in 2018. Laura was impressed with Jake’s success with BodyUpgrade and experience with both athletes and dancers, who, like models, were expected to fit their industry’s specific physical demands. Laura co-founded Model Shape with the hope that it would give agents and models a piece of mind and eliminate the messy guesswork of meeting sometimes harsh and ever-evolving physical demands. Model Shape is a revolutionary merger of the fitness and fashion world, equipping models with the tools needed for a healthy and lucrative career.