Unlike the general weight loss industry, we at Model Shape are solely committed to and focused on the needs of the modeling world. Your program is designed in close partnership with leading modeling agencies and managers to ensure we meet industry standards. At Model Shape, we know that even though you may be close to your desired weight, size, and measurements, the final parts of reaching your targeted goal are always the most challenging. Jake is an expert at surpassing plateaus, changing habits, and giving you the type of attention only top models have access to.

All model body types and shapes

We work with all model body shapes in the women and men’s divisions. Celebrity trainer and triple certified nutritionist Jake Davis works directly with you every day, no matter your needs. You’ll only need 90 days or less to get you to your goals, and learn how to maintain them.

Results for a fast-paced industry

The modeling industry moves fast. From meetings and castings to fashion shows and international travel, models have hectic schedules that can make fitting in a workout seem impossible. Models also often find themselves in foreign destinations where healthy food choices are either limited or confusing to make. From creating bodyweight workouts for a model with no gym access in Thailand, to helping a model choose healthy pre and post workout meals on location in Rome, Jake understands the need for creativity and efficiency to achieve results catered to each individual’s location and timeline. This is not a one-size-fits all program.

Nutritional guidance

Even the most effective workout programs are useless if they are not supplemented with proper nutrition. What and how you eat is especially important as you get closer and closer to your goals, as that last inch will depend on maintaining a healthy and knowledgeable approach to food. Model Shape does not use fad diets or support extreme dieting. Jake gives you the tools to make healthy and effective food choices that you will make not only during your program but long after it is finished.

Depending on your commitment to the program, you will see results within the first few weeks. Jake allocates 90 days to the program to not only reach your goals, but to use the remainder of the program to learn how to maintain them. Maintaining your results is just as important as reaching them. Jake will teach you how to preserve your results for a long and successful modeling career.
You can do it! Throughout his years working in fitness and nutrition, Jake has trained people of all walks of life. Regardless of gender, shape, size, age, medical or physical limitations, or work schedules, Jake has always produced results for his clients. All he asks for is a positive attitude and a commitment to reaching your goals. Remember, Model Shape works with you and for you. Your strengths and weaknesses will be carefully catered to in a safe and attentive program that, while challenging at times, will be completely worth it.

You can register your interest by going to our sign up page – Become a Part of Model Shape.

  1. Once your application to ‘Become a Part of Model Shape’ is received, an in-depth assessment will be conducted to make sure the program suits you.
  2. If you are accepted, your next step will be a phone or video call with Jake for your in-depth assessment. On this call, Jake will get to know your health history and goals, and answer any questions so that he can begin building a plan that’s based on your needs, your goals, and your schedule.
  3. After your call with Jake, you will be sent an email with an invitation to our members-only Model Shape app. You can download the app on your phone or tablet.
  4. Once your plan is built, it will be available on the Model Shape app, through which you will have access to your personalized training schedules, workouts, meal plans, and goal setting.
  5. During the 90-day program, Jake will oversee every step of your shape journey with daily check-ins, coaching, and mentoring of your nutrition and fitness. You will also be able to message or call him directly with any questions or concerns, 7 days a week.
We are confident that you will continue with us, but you are in no way pressured or obligated to do so. To cancel, contact Jake directly with your request and your cancelation will be processed, no questions asked.
We’re looking for models who are truly committed to achieving success in one of the most difficult and high-pressure industries in the world. There is a limited number of models Jake can work with at any one time. If you choose to accept a spot in his program, you are committing to the full 90 days. While of course you are under no pressure to stay in the program, refunds are not available to those who choose to leave before the end of the 90 days.

We very much appreciate any comments and really want to hear your concerns. The only way we can make a truly great program is to hear from you. Please email Info@ModelShape.com with any feedback. We appreciate you and your business, and we thank you for being a Model Shape client.