Jessica H, age 19

This program is amazing. Model shape helped me lose weight and shape my body in a healthy way...Read More

Rachael R, 15

Working with Jake and Model Shape has been amazing. I have been working as a model and had a goal...Read More

Kaylen B, age 20

I’ve been so encouraged by Jake - he’s an outstanding trainer who's very supportive and...Read More

Maddie E
Maddie E, age 16

I have had an amazing experience with Jake. As a curve model, the measurements...Read More

Freya C, 20

Working with Jake and Model Fitness over the last few months has been an incredible experience...Read More

Sabrina B, 22

Jake has been helping me get into shape for about 5 months now and I can honestly say that...Read More

Brittney B, age 21

Model Shape really helped me get on the right track for meeting and keeping my measurements...Read More